Logos & Marks

Identity development is my strength and favorite form of visual communication. I enjoy the process
of giving birth to new ideas and crafting a visual brand. The companies represented through these
identities are varied in scope, each with its own culture and personality. I have my favorites;
some for the small accomplishments and some for making a difference.


Reed Hilderbrand

identity development : rebranding

The new logotype had to represent the firm’s new leadership structure and collaborative culture.
Conceptually, it still needed to reflect their 20th century modern aesthetic. Physically, it needed to
present as one unit but be flexible enough to work in a variety of spaces. After a thoughtful
discovery process, detailed typographic and color studies, the new identity emerged.



art direction : design

I continue to utilize the skills I acquired during my experience in editorial design working with
photographers, illustrators, writers, reporters and editors. I learned how to interpret the written word
into consistent typographic systems and visually communicate a plethora of stories and ideas.


The Boston Globe

art direction : design

Working with creative team members, company-wide clients, and vendors, I was a
hands-on manager. My responsibilities included concept & design development along with
crafting and sustaining Globe Visual Brand Standards. We were immersed in The Globe DNA and
were diligent in providing creative solutions with a consistent and cohesive visual brand.



identity development : website design

The identity needed to be scientific in nature and convey a bright future. Their groundbreaking
science is presented head on with the use of actual microscopic images of cancer.
The website had to appeal to many audience groups from investors to potential employees.


RSG Consultants

identity development : rebranding : website design : art direction

The identity needed to communicate insight, energy and vigor. It needed to reflect RSG’s quantitative
analytical work that leads to creative solutions. And, the client wanted to see a refreshed version of their
current identity. The website had to present an equally balanced company with integrated capabilities.


Encoded Genomics

visual identity development

This start-up in San Fransisco is working in an exciting and expanding area of science.
They are transforming the lives of patients with gene sequencing and data technology.
In Phase 1 of the identity design process, we identified what their logo needed to say,
how it needed to feel and who it needed to attract.


255 State Street

website design : marketing design

We worked with Pembroke Real Estate to present this beautiful building and its location
to prospective corporate tenants. Under an extremely tight deadline, we provided new
photography, website, and companion print brochure.


Katsiroubas Bros. Boston

art direction : brand refreshing : website design

Katsiroubas Bros. is a family-run company with a rich history. The “refreshed” logo is designed for the
website, blog and corporate communication while their current cornucopia branding could remain on their
well-known fleet of trucks. The website showcases their extensive product line with inviting custom
photography and provides customers access to product information and business transactions.



Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

brand standards design : marketing design : infographics

While at D&CO, I had an instrumental role in building and sustaining Ironwood’s visual brand
identity for corporate communications, marketing and visual brand guidelines.
I worked closely with them to craft their first interactive recruitment tool for the website.


CTA Construction Managers

identity development : rebranding : website design

CTA was ready to extend their reach beyond the public sector and into the private sector
with a new focus on industry categories. The new visual identity and website would provide
them with the tools to compete at a higher level in this new arena. The concept design
for the website organizes their work with a custom sorting function.



website design

The goal of this website redesign was to overcome a perception that the firm did not build
contemporary projects. The site had to present a breadth of the firm’s design experience and
rich history. This project was the first time using web safe fonts outside of standard ones
at the time. The lead typeface in their typographic family, Bodoni, required a multi-pronged
web font solution to ensure cross-browser display font integrity.



Gund Partnership

website design

The goal for this website redesign was to present the work with a focus on process and category.
Utilizing their vast library of beautiful project images, each presentation is full in scope and
easy to navigate. Other features of the website include a dynamically resized home page,
search function and custom content management system.



Adams + Beasley Associates

identity development

The identity needed to express fine craftsmanship, precision, and partnership. It needed to be
contemporary yet work within traditional settings. After the first concept design presentation,
they pointed to this one and said, “You hit the nail on the head!” We chose to include both
red and blue in the color family, each having assigned tasks.


Perimeter Brand Packaging

art direction : website design

The website needed to present the client’s reorganized platform of products. With custom
photography, sketches, messaging and icons the website was designed to inform and
generate a call to action. The website features a full custom management system.


Halvorson Design Partnership

integrated marketing campaign

Chosen as First Place winner of Boston SMPS 'Best New Websites' in 2011, this integrated
marketing campaign came together with a coordinated launch of a direct mail piece,
email blast and new website. The announcement of the firm’s leadership change coincided
with the new site design of fresh project presentations, led by strong testimonials.



promotion design : infographics

The transit poster campaign provided Adimab unprecedented exposure at the annual JP Morgan
Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. The diagrams, designed for the website, help to illustrate
their technology. While the holiday eblast, expresses their entrepreneurial spirit.

Icons & Illustration

“Visual communications of any kind, whether persuasive or informative,
from billboards to birth announcements, should be seen as the embodiment
of form and function: the integration of the beautiful and the useful.”

– Paul Rand, Thoughts on Design

Infographics 1

My interest in simplifying complicated concepts, ideas and data into visual form began
in my early days as an Editorial Designer at The Boston Globe. I’ve had the experience of
designing infographics for a variety of subjects in the areas of business, arts, health,
science, and sports. Most recently, I’ve been working with financial institutions and
pharmaceutical companies to help visually communicate their complex stories.

Infographics 2

After years of infographic design work, I’ve learned a little bit about a lot of things.
I’ve sorted through many complex issues, lots of data, and important concepts to
present them in an engaging and informative way. My priority has always been
to develop a consistent “visual narrative” that is easily understood and
helps further communicate the written word.


Heavn’ly Donuts

identity development : art direction

It was not hard to love this special, family-run group of donut shops. All their donuts, smoothies
and egg sandwiches are made fresh daily, from scratch and on location. They were ready to
explore a new brand identity to coincide with the launch of a new smoothie promotion.


Civitas Therapeutics

identity development : art direction : website design

The identity had to reflect this start-up’s breakthrough therapies of respiratory drug delivery
and inhalation technologies. The website is meant to present their story, describe their
extraordinary science, attract potential investors and employees.


Cottle Carr Yaw Architects

website design

The focus of the website is on big beautiful project image presentations. The home page
slide show illustrates the concept of the firm’s location in “big sky” country. The firm’s
profile pages demonstrate the firm’s vision, personal approach and unique culture.



Oak Grove Village

website design : promotion

The website for this residential community had to be all-inclusive. It had to work as a promotion tool
to attract new residents and it had be a place for current residents to connect with news and
community events. The website features interactive maps, floor plans and videos.


Hamilton Crossing

identity development : website design : promotion

The identity needed to represent this historic mill building located in the canal district of downtown
Lowell. The website had to inform and attract commercial and residential tenants to this unique
lifestyle and its many amenities. It had to make living and working in Lowell look cool.


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